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What materials are used in jewelry?
We use only white and yellow gold 585 (14k) and natural gemstones (white and black diamonds, blue, light blue, pink, pale pink, red, orange and yellow sapphires, green tsavorites, and red rubies. (Round-cut stones - 57 facets).
What's the cost of engraving?
Engraving on the reverse side of the pendants is included in the price of the products.
How to pay and get the finished jewelry?
The order procedure, production time, payment and delivery methods are described in detail in the "Payment and Delivery" section.
Can I order something that is not on the website?
Yes, we will be happy to design and make custom jewelry for you.
Is it possible to add pendants to the jewelry in the future?
Yes, sure. The birth of another child, or the desire to dilute your jewelry with a heart or a star in stones - in the future you can always add additional pendants to your jewelry. The ordering procedure is standard. You will need to hand over your piece to us so that we can attach additional pendants.
Do you give stone certificates?
In most jewelry, we use stones weighing 0.01-0.02 carats. For such stones, a certificate is issued per batch. A separate certificate is issued only for a stone weighing more than 0.3 carats.
Do you have gift certificates?
Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate for a certain amount or for a specific product. More details in the "Gift Certificate".

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